Mark McKenzie



Artist CRAIG PURSLEY writes: “I’m not sure I have ever been more inspired than the last eight months of 2014! In April I first heard a film score by Mark McKenzie and loved it; so melodic, embued with emotion without being saccarine and for me, SO visual! After hearing several of them, I was so impressed that I wrote him what amounted to a fan letter, And I was surprised when he wrote back. After several exchanged emails, I asked if he would be interested in a joint show- his music that inspired my paintings and he agreed. The result was 38 paintings in total…. I have been listening to soundtracks while I paint for more than 25 years, so I thought I knew all the great ones from Korngold to Zimmer so I was surprised when I first heard the score to “The Ultimate Gift”. So melodic and interesting. I bought a couple more and soon owned 17 of Mark’s scores. Quickly I felt like he was the Tchaikovsky of film score composers. While this may sound over the top, those who know me understand that I do NOT speak in hyperbole. Like Tchaikovsky, he is great at simple and beautiful melody like Romeo and Juliet (or Saving Sarah Cain for Mark) and great with power like the 1812 Overture (or The Greatest Miracle). He is capable of expressing the widest range of deep emotions of any composer alive now or ever! The fact that his films are lesser known than some for whom other film score composers have written does not diminish his personal excellence. Speaking as one who has a library of soundtracks building for decades, he should, in my opinion, have a row of Oscars on his mantel already. Hopefully, he will get his due and they will start lining up soon!” Thank you Craig!

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