Mark McKenzie


Public Radio “A Conversation with Mark McKenzie” beautiful one hour overview of Mark’s music now available online

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“A Conversation With Mark McKenzie” aired on many public radio stations recently. This one hour overview containing some of my most beautiful original scores is now online HERE. Sometimes, while burning midnight oil orchestrating what turned out to be about 100 films for composers like Broughton, Elfman, Goldsmith, Silvestri, Shaiman, Williams and others, I wondered when my pencil would be devoted to McKenzie music. Fast forward…22 original soundtracks and Edmund Stone’s “The Score” broadcast to a million listeners gives reason to be grateful. If you’ve ever wondered about my music, this is a great place to start. Included are two extended suites from Max and Me which is being repeatedly called “Score of the Year.” The original manuscript to the final track Heaven’s Welcome is above. I invite you to listen online:

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