Mark McKenzie

James Cromwell

Prancer: A Christmas Tale Soundtrack Now Available getting Stunning Critical Reviews: “Beautiful, Poignant, Wistful, Mesmerizing, Transformative, Wonder of Limitless Possibilities, an absolute treat!”

A magical reindeer brings healing to a family, James Cromwell gives the performance of a lifetime,  a truly brilliant director Phil Hawkins, a 10 year old prodigy actress Darcey Ewart, the legendary Raffaella de Laurentiis team and a summer of composing resulted in a soundtrack available on CD at Intrada Records and at most streaming and digital download outlets. Reviews and photos below.

“Refusing to bend or bow to the constraints of uniformity, McKenzie’s works have only grown in their power and singular beauty. Listening to this wistful McKenzie score reminds one of his gentle, sensitive gifts and artistry in composing these lyrical, deceptively subtle melodies. His music is filled with the wonder of limitless possibilities, as well as the power and beauty of dreams…Mark McKenzie remains one of the last treasures of original film music” Steven Vertlieb “Film Music Review”
“The seemingly-effortless lightness of touch…the instantly-memorable tunes, the smiles sure to form on the face of anyone hearing them…From the gentle materials, the composer extracts great emotional weight… It is hard to imagine anyone’s day not being brightened by listening to this album… this is an absolute treat, a Christmas gift to us all.” James Southall 

“There is a warmth and a feeling of goodness that radiates from the composers score…bright, beautiful, delicate, and poignant…overflowing with fragility and mesmerizing affecting tone poems….soul warming.” Movie Music International

McKenzie’s penchant for lyrical melodic writing and gorgeous orchestration comes through from the very opening…moments of awe and wonder as well as excitement….an often quite colorful and heartwarming work well worth adding to your holiday. Steven Kennedy, Film Score Monthly USA

“Simply beautiful!” Tim Burden, Movie Magic, Belfast Ireland

“Another gem from this highly talented composer.” Jason Drury Cinematic Sound Radi

Buy the collectors CD before it sells out at INTRADA RECORDS or Back Lot Music’s digital release at music outlets everywhere. Take a listen at your favorite streaming outlet: PRANCER: A CHRISTMAS TALE

  1. I Can’t Wait To See You 1:06
  2. Nothing Is Beautiful Without You 2:28
  3. Love Arrives As a Reindeer 2:24
  4. Nothing Is Impossible 1:47
  5. The Greatest Gift Is Friendship 5:34
  6. Your Smile Lights Up The Room 4:01
  7. Woo-hoo She Likes You! 1:59
  8. She Was As Kind As The Day Is Long 4:42
  9. We Were Magic Together 2:43
  10. I Will Always Believe In You 2:15
  11. This Feels Like Home 1:39
  12. My Tears and The Magic of Your Light 1:49
  13. I Can Be Closed Off Sometimes 2:05
  14. Prancer Dances 1:00
  15. Healing Memories 1:32
  16. I Have To Thank You 2:10
  17. Silent Night Hug 2:24
  18. It’s Time To Celebrate 1:03
  19. Love As Though You’ve Never Been Hurt 2:27
  20. Prancer: A Christmas Tale Suite 6:13

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