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GLORIA for choir and orchestra composed by Mark McKenzie


The parts are an additional $50 and will be sent upon request. The purchase of score and parts includes 2 performances. Each additional performance is $25.00


The McKenzie powerful worship choral anthem GLORIA has been used with or without children’s choir and has become a perennial climax to Christmas and Easter concerts at large churches across the USA.  Below is a Performance of the Gloria at the Robert Shuller’s Crystal Cathedral, now called Christ Cathedral with UCLA Choral master Don Neuen conducting the Hour of Power choir, Dr. Marc Riley conducting the Hour of Power Orchestra, Carol Aspling conducting the Children’s choir and Sean Groobridge at the pipe organ. This McKenzie Gloria was Premiered at the 2000th Hour of Power Celebration.  It was also performed on numerous other occasions including the Hour of Power Robert H. Schuller Tribute. The score sells for $50.00. Parts are an additional $50.

Gloria (Words and Music by Mark McKenzie)
Glory to God in the highest!
Wisdom, Strength and Pow’r
Honor, might and praise are yours for ever!
Bright and morning Star
Healer and Provider you are love everlasting
Mighty, Holy God!
Prince of Peace, and King of Kings, Immortal.
Clothed in Majesty
Nothing is impossible to those who trust Him
Reigning on the throne
Faithful and unfailing love for ever.
Mansions, streets of gold
Given to believers, glorious life everlasting
Shepherd, Savior, Friend, (to all)
Hope, forgiveness, joy, and love all freely.
Crowned with many crowns,
He who is, and was, and is to come in glory.
Christ, Messiah, Lamb (is worthy)
Wonderful counselor and Lord of all.
Refuge in the storm
Slow to anger, rich in mercy, hope for tomorrow.
He who dwells on high
Blessings, joy, and peace to those who praise Him
Gloria! Gloria!
Gloria in excelsis Deo!
For He alone is Worthy
Glo-ry to God, in the highest!
Wisdom, Strength and Pow’r
Honor, might and praise be yours for ever
Glory to God on High!!


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