Mark McKenzie

The Ultimate Life / Family Drama & Romance / Soundtrack Available Everywhere Music is Sold and Streamed

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1. As Long as You are Alive, I Will be Too: The Gift of Family (Mark McKenzie)  2:35
2. I Love You Mama (Mark McKenzie)  2:09
3.  Being Laughed At: The Gift of Dreams (Mark McKenzie)  1:16
4.  Train Hopping (Mark McKenzie) 2:25
5.  The Golden List: The Gift of Gratitude (Mark McKenzie) 1:25
6.  Eager Beaver: The Gift of Work  (Mark McKenzie)  2:50
7.  Shared Dreams: The Gift of Friends (Mark McKenzie) 2:03
8.  A Leader of Men: The Gift of Learning (Mark McKenzie) 1:12
9. If You Want to Dance With Her (Mark McKenzie) 1:47
10. I Will Wait For You: The Gift of Love (Mark McKenzie)  1:57
11. Facing Failure: The Gift of Problems (Mark McKenzie)  2:44
12. Bright Idea (Mark McKenzie)  1:36
13. The Expert  (Mark McKenzie)  1:51
14. Stinkin’ Rich: The Gift of Laughter (Mark McKenzie)  1:57
15. Texas Gold: The Gift of Money (Mark McKenzie)  1:22
16. Pickin’ a Lawyer (Mark McKenzie)  2:28
17. A New Kidney: The Gift of Giving (Mark McKenzie)   2:22
18. We Can Try (Mark McKenzie)  2:14
19. I Want to Be With You: The Gift of a Day  (Mark McKenzie) 3:06
20. Life’s Greatest Fortunes are the Ones Closest to You (Mark McKenzie) 2:11
21 One Life (Tamela Mann)

The Ultimate LIfe DVD to be released Dec. 10th 2013

Mark McKenzie Recording The Ultimate Life.

Composer Mark McKenzie speaking to orchestra before recording the music to "The ULtimate Life "