Mark McKenzie

The Ultimate Gift / Inspirational Family Drama & Romance / Soundtrack Available Everywhere Music is Sold and Streamed

The inspirational classic film The Ultimate Gift soundtrack, composed by Mark McKenzie is available everywhere music is sold and streamed. A piano arrangement of The Ultimate Gift “What’s Your Dream” is available in the music store on this site. WHAT’S YOUR DREAM PIANO ARRANGMENT

Abigail Breslin: Emily


James Garner: Red Stevens


The Ultimate Gift Director Michael Sajbel


The Ultimate Gift Producer Rick Eldridge

01. Main Title / Red’s Funeral
02. Reading of the Will
03. City Boy in Texas
04. Bum
05. Those Arms are Meant For You
06. Finding Alexia’s Wallet
07. I’ve Seen what Money Can Do
08. Emily’s Chemo Not Working
09. Arrival in Ecuador
10. Childhood Letter
11. Steven’s Family Thanksgiving
12. Plane Wreckage
13. Captivity
14. The Firing Squad
15. Redemption
16. Red Grieves Son’s Death
17. Christmas at Gus’s Ranch
18. What’s Your Dream?
19. Emily’s Legacy
20. Red’s Goodbye
21. The Inheritance