Mark McKenzie

The Disappearance of Garcia Lorca (aka Death In Granada) / Spanish Drama / Soundtrack Available Everywhere Music is Sold and Streamed


01) For Love of a Poet (Overture)
02) Main Title
03) Ricardo’s Theme
04) Trapped Inside My Memories
05) I Want to Feel Your Work
06) A Thunderstorm is Brewing
07) Elegy for Jorge
08) Blood of a Poet
09) Marie Eugenia’s Theme
10) The Crumbling Sound of Daisies
11) A Coffin of Wheels was His Bed
12) I Invented Some Wings for Flying
13) I Sing His Elegance
14) Five in the Shadow of the Afternoon
15) Five by all Clocks in the Afternoon
16) Butterfly of Your Kiss
17) Death Calling
18) Where is My Moon? (Lorca Elegy)
19) Federico Garcia Lorca Orchestral Suite