Mark McKenzie

Dragonheart: A New Beginning / Fantasy Action Adventure / Soundtrack Available Everywhere Music is Sold and Streamed

01) Main Titles
02) I’m Flying?!
03) Knighthood and the Old Code
04) Friar Peter Went to Heaven
05) Lian’s Awesome Fight
06) My Heart Goes With You (Instrumental)
07) Dungeon, Skeletons & a Dragon
08) Serenade to the Stars
09) Dragon Heaven
10) Roland Bullies Geoff
11) Renaissance Banquet
12) Chinese Battle The Knights
13) Withered Heart Tale
14) Tai Chee
15) Terragoth Ambush!
16) Prophetic Transformation
17) Dragon Fight!
18) My Wise master and Closest Friend
19) Of My Heart to Thee I Give
20) My Heart Goes With You (by Rona Figueroa)